What do you need to know about sauna culture in Finland ?

Throughout the world, the word sauna is the single most widely used Finnish word in the world with which the Finns affirm the image of their country. With this sauna culture, they are more known in the world. Read this article to find out more about the sauna culture.

What is the importance of sauna ?

Before talking about the importance of the sauna, it is important to say what the sauna is in Finland. The sauna is a cabin made of a tree trunk with a chimney and high benches in which one takes steam baths. Speaking of its importance, for centuries the sauna has been a way for Finns to purify their bodies and minds. If, during your travels, you share a sauna with a Finnish person, you are entering their private life. This means building stronger bonds by engaging in conversations that are not seen as mere chit-chat with your Finnish interlocutor. It is said that the biggest decisions in Finland are made in the saunas. It should be noted that today Finland has enough saunas to accommodate all of the country’s 5.4 million inhabitants at once.

How to take a sauna bath ?

Sauna bathing is done in three passes or three baths. The first bath lasts 8 to 12 minutes until the sweat starts to flow. But if the sweat is slow to come, it is advisable to get out of the sauna and breathe in the fresh air. Then, in the second heat bath, this time for 15 minutes. This is where the Finns whip themselves with young birch branches to stimulate the blood circulation. After that, you come out and immerse yourself in cold water, dry off and rest for a few minutes. Finally, on the last run, the body starts to get tired and cannot stand it for more than 10-15 minutes. You come out for a final cold shower, followed by a rest of at least 20 minutes. Then, don’t forget to rehydrate with a drink rich in mineral salts and a little body cream.






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